Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can Soundwavz provide the music for my beach wedding ceremony?

A. Soundwavz has professional-grade, battery-powered portable sound systems by Peavey that are perfect for beach ceremonies.


Q. What is the best spot to reserve for the DJ?

A. The best spot for the DJ is always right near the dance floor. The DJ must have the ability to see the crowd on the dance floor so that he can ‘read the crowd’ and play the right songs at the right time. Also, try to be sure the bar is near the dance floor. It’s hard to compete with free drinks. And – if you are going to give away cigars, do it at the end of the reception, because once they are lit, even if it’s outside, all the guys will disappear to an area away from the main crowd, never to be seen from again (much less dance).


Q. I can’t find the song that I would like to request in your music library. Can you get it?

A. We will make an attempt to get a limited number of special requests for you in the event that they are not in our library – provided you give us at least 30 days notice AND the song is available for download.

Q. Why don’t you take credit cards?

A. Cost. It costs us money and therefore costs you money. We will gladly take your check (at least 14 days prior to the event) or cash.

Q. Do I have to feed the DJ at my event?

A. It is NOT necessary to feed the DJ, although it is appreciated, especially at events that run 5 hours or longer.

Q. Do I have to tip my DJ?

A. Tips are appreciated but by no means mandatory – there is no gratuity built in to the fee. If you feel that your DJ has done an excellent job and is deserving of a tip, he will surely appreciate it.

Q. Do you play requests?

A. Absolutely. Do we play them all? No. Sometimes it’s just not a good idea to play Niki Minaj.

Q. Can we give you a DO NOT PLAY list?

A. Of course.

Q. I’m a Hollywood producer and I would like to script the music for the night, song by song, for eight hours. Is that OK?

A. No – for several reasons. (1.) Why hire a DJ? Save yourself the money and bring your iPod. (2.) We play our music entirely by computer, and could script the event down to the second for weeks in advance, yet we rarely create a list longer than 3 or 4 songs. Why? Because weddings/dance parties etc. change constantly. The best skill in a DJ’s arsenal is his ability to read and react to the crowd. We often will make changes in the song list with as little as 5 seconds before the next song starts because of many different reasons such as – the caterers need a few more minutes to pour champagne, the bride ripped her dress and needs to fix it, playing Dancing Queen has reminded all the Kappa Kappa Gamma sisters that we must play I Will Survive… NOW! or more typically, 5 fast songs in a row has made everyone tired, and they need a slow song for a break. (3.) We thrive on referral business. There will be many potential future clients at your event, as well as caterers, photographers etc. We will not embarass ourselves by playing music that does not fit the situation just because it is on “the list”. We ARE happy to take your list of “songs we love” and work them in when appropriate, but if you want someone to play a list, we are probably not the best DJ for you.

Q. What about objectionable or offensive lyrics?

A. Our music service provides us with the radio “clean” versions of new songs as they come out and this is what we prefer to play. If you or your guests bring music on their phone or iPod, our DJ will listen to the suggested track, but will not play it if the lyrics are deemed objectionable. We will attempt to download on site, but there isn’t always good coverage at remote beach locations. Most events we play have a family atmosphere, and we don’t want to embarass or anger anyone, least of all, ourselves. That noted, if the event is a fraternity party, we’ll pretty much play anything.

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