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The Soundwavz DJ Philosophy


Any DJ can bring thousands of songs and a couple of speakers to your party; with the advent of the iPod and streaming services, some folks just load it up and let it play. Soundwavz DJs do much more than just load up a bunch of songs and let them play – we’re DJs, Emcees, and part -time coordinators. We’re behind the scenes working with your photographer, caterer and wedding coordinator to make sure everything that your guests see and hear is the way that you planned it – smooth, professional, elegant.




Careful planning is the key to success for just about everything, and weddings are no exception. We take the planning process very seriously – there’s only one shot to get your wedding right – no do-overs. Our online planning tool is a great way for us to collaborate with you on all the details of your wedding – from simple items such as the time and location, to  details such as when to play the first dance, the title of the song, what your favorite songs are, what songs not to play, etc.

We’ll work with you to have the whole event scripted out before the day of your wedding, and when the day comes, we’ll work to make sure it happens the way we planned it. We’ll work side-by-side with the caterers, photographer, musicians, officiants and make sure everyone is informed of the schedule, what we’re doing next, at what time  etc. Unforeseen events almost always come up, and we’ll be sure to work with you to change the schedule as necessary. For example, the cake cutting was set to be at 7pm, but at 5pm, it’s been so hot that  the cake has started to melt. We’ll work with the caterer, the photographer and you to change the schedule and get the cake cut and pictures taken before the cake turns into a pile of sludge.

Digital DJ Console

The Digital DJ Console is a fantastic tool that allows us to control the music with ease and perfect timing. We can easily set up a few songs in the queue, walk away confident that great music will be playing, and do that coordination that’s so critical, talking to the other vendors and making sure that everything is going according to plan.otsdjscreen

When the time comes to really move the dance floor – the Digital DJ console shines even more. One of the best tools any DJ has is the ability to read the crowd, and with as little as 5 seconds remaining in the current song, we can change what the next song will be. For instance, we’re all set to follow up a good dance set with a slow jam, when all the bridesmaids want to hear I Will Survive. All we have to do  is type ‘surv’, drag and drop, and bam!, the next song is I Will Survive, no lag, no dead air time. Easy.


When you hear the term ‘Wedding DJ’, do you have thoughts of dreadful, loudmouth, sports announcers – hyping the crowd? Does the term CHEESY come to mind?  At Soundwavz, we abhor the cheesy DJ, and we do whatever we can to stay far away from the stereotype. Our announcements are tasteful, clear and concise – upbeat enough to keep your guests awake, but definitely not cheesy.  Again, when it’s time to pack the dance floor, we prefer to let the music do the talking. Playing the right song at the right time, reading the crowd, playing something for everyone is our hallmark.


The Music

When it comes to musical style – it’s a collaboration. Again, we love to use our online planning tool to let you browse our music catalog and choose songs – not only the ones you want to hear, but also the ones you don’t want to hear. Don’t worry, we will never play the Chicken Dance, Electric Slide, Macarena etc. unless you request it. We have over 8000  songs in our library (updated weekly via Top Hits USA, a DJ-only service), and there are plenty to pack the dance floor without resorting to ‘the crutch’ DJ songs. Of course, there are times when you just have to hear the Macarena, and if you want it, we’re happy to play it – but we don’t rely on them to get the crowd dancing.

What’s a typical wedding song list? Every one is unique, but there are some similarities that work very well. We tend to play upbeat classic big band/jazz (Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Etta James, Bobby Darin) for the cocktail hour. It’s upbeat, classic, hip, and gets everyone in the mood for an evening of elegance and romance, without putting them to sleep. As the night progresses, we keep it upbeat, transitioning to 60′s & Motown classics with some pop thrown in. When it’s time to pack the dance floor, we play a little something for everyone, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Hip-Hop, R&B, Dance, Pop. The something for everyone is usually the first portion of dancing – gradually  transitioning to the latest and greatest hits for the die-hard dancers.

Is that our only formula? Definitely not – daytime weddings on the water, for instance, often have a mix of Jimmy Buffet, Bob Marley, steel drum music etc. to keep that beach theme going, but we’ll work with you to make sure your wedding has the perfect score.

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